Learning About The History and Future of Education
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Learning About The History and Future of Education

Hi there, my name is Monique Willis. Welcome. I am here to talk to you about the history and future of education. The early schoolhouses introduced students to an educational journey unlike anything they have ever known. Most kids would learn the family trade and little else in those days. With school, they could learn information outside their families’ wheelhouse to pick up a new trade or simply expand their knowledgebase. On this site, I will talk about the way education has evolved and will continue to change through the years. Plan to visit my site on a regular basis to learn more. Thanks for visiting.


Learning About The History and Future of Education

  • Children In School? Three Reasons To Use Online Supplemental Education

    6 January 2021

    The education your children receive at school each day is priceless. Each lesson builds upon the others so that your child is able to become more and more proficient at each course of study. However, when the final school bell rings at the end of the last class, what happens with the concepts that were shared? Do you find your children struggling to keep up or sometimes getting lower grades than they would like?

  • Ready For A New Career? How To Prepare For Your Medical Office Administration Course

    23 October 2019

    If you're not happy with your current job and you're ready to move up the career ladder, it's time to enroll in a medical office administration course. A medical office administration course will provide you with the training you need to run a medical practice. One of the benefits of a career in medical office administration is that it allows you to work in the medical field without the hands-on requirements of a medical assistant.

  • New Teachers Suffering From Anxiety Could Benefit From Teacher Observation

    3 June 2018

    Starting out a new career as a teacher can be a difficult experience for many people. Thankfully, a large number of people will get used to it and get into the groove rather quickly. Unfortunately, many others will be unable to adapt. When this happens, teacher observation may help to break you out of your funk and let you succeed as a teacher. Teachers Often Suffer From Anxiety And Depression 

  • Three Benefits Of Online College Education

    1 December 2017

    There has been tremendous growth in the area of online education. There are many good reasons for this. So if you are someone who is thinking about going back to school to finish your college degree, then online education you need to learn about. You can also earn a graduate degree, or take online classes to earn certificates for specialized training or prepare to take examinations for licensing in certain vocations.

  • 5 Reasons Child Play Needs To Be Preserved

    4 October 2017

    With an increase in technology and the need to do more, kids are spending less and less time engaging in actual play time. There is a major problem with this having an interference in your child's development. Here are five reasons their play time needs to be preserved: Learn Real Life Skills: Play time allows your child to develop real life skills and it's pretty much the only time of the day that this is happening.